Christ Centred Company

The Christ-Centered Company

The Christ-Centered Company: 37 Biblical Business Habits to Build a Thriving Company That Honors God and Blesses the World

Author: Darren Shearer (2023)


In a Christ-centered company, Jesus is revealed through the influencers of the company and, ultimately, throughout its defining culture and habits.

Marketplace Christians are occasionally told platitudes like “The Bible is the best handbook for business,” “God cares about business,” “Business is ministry,” and “You don’t have to leave the business world to do work that glorifies God.” However, few have seen the actionable, scriptural proof that these claims are indeed the case—other than perhaps a proverb here and there.

The Christ-Centered Company provides practical biblical commentary and real-world best practices for 37 biblical business “habits” that define the culture and operations of a Christ-centered company. In this book, we’ll explore what the Bible says about each of the following major aspects of the company you influence:

  • Corporate Purpose and Culture
  • Marketing, Sales, and Customer Care
  • Accounting and Accountability
  • People Management
  • Business Law and Conflict
  • Risk Management
  • Philanthropy

Imagine how much your company’s habits, culture, performance, and impact would upgrade if you were to discover and apply God’s will for every aspect of your company. This is a growth process that begins when one influencer in a company decides to partner with God in his mission to conform the company to his will.

Will you be that person on behalf of your company and everyone it influences?