Four ways to participate

Encouraging, Equipping and Empowering Families and Churches to Raise Resilient, Lifelong Disciples


  • Pray for the completion and launch of the book.
  • For strategic partnerships around the sharing and diffusion of the content.
  • For the translation into other languages.
  • For the financial means to cover all the publication, development and ministry costs.



  • Enjoy the training and resources in your family, church, school and ministry.
  • Click Subscribe, like and the notification bell on the YouTube Channel.
  • Post a comment and / or question on each YouTube video page and it will be ranked higher.
  • Post a comment, question or “like” on the Facebook page once or twice a week.
  • Enjoy searching for and sharing any great resources or initiatives you know or discover [email protected].

Pay it Forward

  • Donate: the book, website and videos are entirely dependant on gifts and generosity.
  • A significant one-off gift will help with immediate publishing, recording and translation costs.
  • A regular monthly gift, however small, will help with regular ongoing development and hosting expenses.

Thank you for your participating and partnering in any one or all the above ways.

Let’s multiply God’s blessing and together intentionally and proactively raise a generation of resilient, lifelong disciples of Jesus.