Marketing Like Jesus

Marketing Like Jesus

Marketing Like Jesus: 25 Strategies to Change the World

Author: Darren Shearer (2022)


If the most influential man in history (Jesus Christ) taught a class on marketing (strategic influence), what might he say?

No function is more important to an organization than marketing (strategic influence), and nobody has done it more effectively that Jesus Christ. Today, one out of every three people in the world claims to be one of his followers.

Whether as a politician trying to win more votes, a pastor trying to get more members, a businessperson trying to sell more products or services, or a non-profit trying to recruit more supporters… we’re all marketers that are trying to strategically influence the world around us.

In Marketing like Jesus, you’ll discover 25 marketing strategies that Jesus used to change the world:

  • Strategy 1 – “Transcend Dead Traditions”
  • Strategy 6 – “Define Your Target Group”
  • Strategy 12 – “Take Control of Your Brand”
  • Strategy 18 – “Be Proud to Ask Big”

You’ll also learn how other people and organizations have successfully applied the Marketing like Jesus strategies in business, government, education, entertainment, and nonprofits.

Do you have a message that the world needs to hear? Learn how to market your message like the greatest marketer in history: Jesus Christ.