The 52 Laws of Kingdom Leadership

The 52 Laws of Kingdom Leadership

The 52 Laws of Kingdom Leadership: Discovering And Understanding True Biblical Leadership

Author: Stan Belyshev (2022)


What Is Kingdom Leadership?

The 52 Laws of Kingdom Leadership are powerful and yet practical principles that will challenge you to follow wholeheartedly in the footsteps of Jesus and His Word.

Without a doubt, Jesus is and will always be the standard role model for what true kingdom leadership should be. No human being in history has ever demonstrated such powerful leadership capabilities as Jesus. Jesus’ leadership was so powerful and profound that it can still be seen today. And it is for this reason that every child of God, especially those who aspire to be true kingdom leaders, must come into full alignment, submission, and surrender to Jesus’ leadership and allow Him to disciple, coach, and mentor you every step of the way.

“The ultimate goal of biblical leadership is not to maintain followers, but to produce kingdom leaders.”

“Being born again automatically makes you a Christian, but knowing your identity in Christ will make you a kingdom leader.”

“Kingdom leadership is not about cloning others in your own image, but rather about aiding others in discovering their own personal identity and purpose.”