Ministering to Ch with Sp Needs

Ministering to Children with Special Needs

Ministering to Children with Special Needs: The Journey from Ignorance to Dependence on God

Author: Adam & Dianne Riveiro (2020)


Churches across America have neglected a forgotten people group: children with special needs. Pastor Adam Riveiro and his wife Dianne lend their unique insight in this primer, teaching pastors and their congregations the basics of starting, maintaining, and growing a special needs ministry.

Don’t know where to start? That’s perfect! The Riveiro’s teach that although your ministry journey may begin with ignorance, you can reach the goal of total dependence upon God. Through their research, personal testimonies, and experiences, it’s their prayer that your burden and zeal for reaching these precious young people will blossom.

Pastor Adam and Dianne Riveiro live south of Boston in beautiful Easton, Massachusetts. Together, they serve at Liberty Baptist Church where Adam has served as pastor since the church was founded in 2013. They have four wonderful children: Bethany, Kaylee, AJ, and Peyton.