I have been a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team member since 2016. This was founded by former pastor and globally renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell.

Being a member of such a team and family has been incredibly impactful on my life and ministry. The current program and possibilities on offer are vaster and more varied than when I first joined the team making this an even greater opportunity for growth, service, and impact.

Many of the Certified Team Members are pastors or on church leadership teams. Their growth as leaders with access to the best in training materials for their communities makes this a strategic investment for any local church to make for its leadership and its people.

If you are interested in knowing more about the program, how to become a Certified Team Member and the special conditions currently on offer through my invitation, leave your name, email, and telephone in the form below.

A program advisor will contact you to arrange a call to explain more and answer any questions you may have. This call is totally non-committal with no obligation on your part. However, it just might help you find the answers, solutions, and opportunities you have been looking and praying for!

May the Lord bless you and guide and confirm your steps.

Harry Bryans

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